Donald Trump Visits TGS

Astronauts Donald Trump made a special and unexpected visit to Tadcaster Grammar School today, bringing with him Beyonce and Jay Z.
You cannot be serious? Well actually not quite, but then it was the annual Wide Games held at the school.
There were super heroes, gremlins, indians and fairies.   A full English breakfast dished up a tasty serving of eggs, beans, bacon and sausage, complete with ketchup. Burglars rubbed shoulders with astronauts and Minnie Mouse picked up a Penguin.
All in all, it was a fitting end to five years of hard work, where Year 11 students let their hair down and joined in the camaraderie of fun and games.
Not to be outdone, the six House Leaders were good sports, dressing as animals, much to the amusement of all.
The winner of the Wide Games was Oglethorpe House.  Donald TrumpBeyonce and Jay Z