Prom Time at Tadcaster

TGS Prom 12Prom time at Tadcaster Grammar School for Year 11 students included tractors, trailers and ‘thunderboots’ as their chosen mode of transport.
There were no stretch limousines this year and the rain was gone too, as under blue skies, students arrived on tractors and trailers, in sports cars, vintage cars, a Land Rover, a double decker bus, a 24-hour recovery lorry and even a horse. One student even drove the tractor himself.
Much to the amusement of parents, grandparents and other family members who had gathered to witness this year’s spectacle, two students were driven in a bright yellow three wheeler with ‘Thunderboots Are Go To Benidorm’ on the side.
Gathering for a group photograph on the lawn, students then continued their celebrations in Toulston Hall which was bedecked with black, white and silver balloons and flowers arrangements and a specially created Prom cake. The camaradie was evident and students posed for formal photographs, enjoyed the chocolate fountain and danced the night away to a disco in a specially erected marquee attached to the Hall.
The Prom was definitely the icing on the cake to a week that had seen students having fun at Alton Towers and dressing up for the Wide Games and was just the ticket for them to let their hair down and celebrate. DSC_0975