Top Students At TGS


11 A starsA stars all the way – Madeleine McLure achieved 11A*s. She is pictured here with proud Mum Clare McLure.





Top students

Top students Alicia Fletcher (left) and Megan Day (right) scream for joy and hug each other as they share their results. Alicia achieved 7A*, 3A, 1B and Megan achieved 7A*, 4A.



Inglis family affair
It was a family affair as Euan Inglis opened his GCSE results today. He was accompanied by proud parents Dr and Mrs Inglis and his brother Adam. Euan achieved 7A*, 3A and 1B.

Sweet 16


Sweet 16 – What a day to collect your GCSE Results. Tadcaster Grammar School student Anna Rowland celebrated her 16th birthday today by achieving 8As, 2Bs and 1C. She is pictured sharing tears of joy with her sister Eve Rowland who is a Year 12 student.